Specialist Small Brewery Distribution

As a division of Tornado Express, the parent courier company, this new service looks to build upon our 40 years of expertise in the delivery sector and the experience we have of distribution to pubs, bars and restaurants in London.

The idea is ingeniously simple and serves to both facilitate the distribution and reduce the operating costs of breweries. We can revolutionise the way craft brewers get their fine beers and ales to their customers. We take the storage and delivery headache out of your hands because that is what we do best so you can focus on the artisanal craft beers that you do best.

We have found that businesses often have varying quantities of stock that they need to get to their respective customers who are dotted all around the capital and home counties. This requires a number of repetitive journeys from the breweries outwards.

We simplify the whole process by storing larger quantities of our clients’ beers in either bottles, cans or kegs at our centralised hub in London. Then we handle the breakdown of the deliveries required for each receiving site. This enables the pubs and bars to order as much or as little as they need at the frequency with which they need it. Our clients simply give us the order each site requires and we schedule the drops within our dedicated network. As we have vans delivering around London every day, we can help to keep the costs lower and reduce the logistics for the breweries.

In short, we handle your logistics so you and your beers can CHILL…

Our services include:

  • 40 years experience in delivery & distribution
  • Revolutionising distribution for the craft beer / independent breweries
  • London’s only dedicated(logistics) beer distribution service
  • Helping breweries reduce their operating costs

Please call or email for further information or to open an account and see how we can add value to your operation.

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